StoreSense FAQ

Where can I learn more specifics about StoreSense functionality and capabilities?

A wealth of detailed information is available in the various StoreSense user guides. Several of those user guides are available for download here. You can also contact our StoreSense resellers directly. Direct interaction with our resellers may also assist in your reseller selection process. A list of resellers, with links to their websites is available here.

Can I use my own domain name?

Absolutely. As part of the sign-up process, will help you register your own domain name or transfer an existing domain name to our servers.

Do I need special software to run my store?

No. You can manage your store from any web browser with Internet access.

I use QuickBooks to manage my business. Is StoreSense
StoreSense is fully integrated with the QuickBooks family of accounting products*, so moving your business online is easier than ever. You can use information already in your QuickBooks database to build your store. Once you're up and running online, StoreSense's two-way link with QuickBooks allows you to manage your finances, your online store and your customer relationships in a single, efficient and easy-to-use e-business system.

*See the complete list of supported versions.

How many products does StoreSense support?

The Standard and Professional editions of StoreSense can support an unlimited number of products. The Starter edition will support up to 100 products. StoreSense service providers may impose product limits in their various packages.

Do I have to enter my products individually?

No. While you can enter products one at a time, if you have your product information in a database or Excel spreadsheet already, you can move it into the store in one step using the Storefront import feature. If you are a QuickBooks user, you can you can easily upload all your product-related information - description, cost, sale price, quantity in stock - into your online store with just a few mouse clicks.

Can I run promotions in my store?

Absolutely. StoreSense gives you several promotion options. You can place individual products on sale, set up storewide sales or other special promotions. The advanced reporting capabilities in StoreSense let you easily track the success of the promotions you run.

What if I want to offer special pricing?

You have several pricing options with StoreSense. You can set up customer groups, with individual pricing, allowing you to reward your best customers, or offer wholesale pricing.

Can I set up an affiliate program?

An affiliate program is an excellent way to drive traffic to your store and potentially increase sales. The Sales Manager/Affiliate module lets you easily set up and manage an affiliate program. You can also add a form to your store that enables affiliates to automatically sign up at your store.

I have regular customers that like to shop in my physical store or place orders over the phone. Can I manage those orders with StoreSense?

Yes, StoreSense has a built-in virtual POS system. You can enter any phone or other off-line order directly into your customers' existing online accounts, or even create new accounts for them, helping you manage both retail and e-tail.

What if my needs change after I choose a version of StoreSense?

StoreSense is designed to grow with your business, so upgrading is seamless and instantaneous with just the click of a button. You can start with the Starter Edition, Standard Edition or Professional Edition, and then add modules - Supplier Connect, Sales Manager and Customer Plus - for even greater functionality, all without losing any of your original work, preserving your investment and making building your online business effortless.

How do I know if an order has been placed in my store?
StoreSense will automatically send an email to both you and your customer once an order has been confirmed. A merchant can also install the StoreSense Store Monitor tool that will automatically create a pop-up notification of new store activity on your desktop computer. There is also "Quick Stats" screen that is displayed when you login to the store administration area. This screen alerts the merchant of several important business functions that may require their attention such as pending orders.

Will StoreSense help me manage my suppliers?

Yes. With the addition of the Supplier Connect Module, you can automatically notify suppliers of orders by e-mail, EDI or fax. You can even set up a virtual inventory process that sends orders automatically to a supplier or fulfillment house for drop shipment.

Can I generate reports on my store's business?

Yes. StoreSense gives you the tools you need to monitor and manage your store. You will have access to detailed tracking and reporting, and you can export to QuickBooks and other applications to integrate your store with your current business tools.

Can I keep the rest of my site on my own server and have the store on StoreSense?

Yes. It is easy to have links in your web site to StoreSense for the purchase process.

Do I have to commit to a long-term contract?

You can cancel whenever you like. While you don't have to agree to a set period of time, you do need to agree with your providers license agreement.

Which payment gateways are already integrated into
Kurant has already integrated numerous payment gateway services into the StoreSense application. A list of the payment gateways currently integrated with the application is available here. No technical or development skills are necessary to activate one of these integrated solutions. Please confirm with your prospective StoreSense service provider that they have activated the payment gateway service you desire on their particular installation. Some service providers also make additional gateway services available to their customers.

In addition to credit cards, can I accept other types of payments from my customers?
Certainly. Depending on the store edition, you can also accept electronic checks, traditional checks/money orders, certified checks, cash on delivery, purchase orders and department orders. StoreSense also includes the integration for the payment solutions offered by PayPal and WorldPay. Configuring the payment options for your store is a simple process of selecting the desired options from a list. Check with your StoreSense provider to confirm that they have enabled all of these payment methods with their StoreSense offerings.

I want to buy StoreSense directly from Kurant, why do I have to buy it through a reseller?

As a software development company, Kurant is not in a position to offer the hosting services required to operate a StoreSense installation in the public domain for merchants and shoppers to access. Kurant partnered with which is very knowledgeable in the hosting arena and have the resources necessary to provide secure and uninterrupted hosting environment for the StoreSense application. This type of partnership allows Kurant to focus on our core competency, the continual development of the StoreSense platform, and leaves the hosting of the application in the hands of which is more skilled with hosting services and better suited to provide a wide range of services that complement and enhance your e-business suite. This merging of talents and resources results in the perfect combination for your store, a world-class application being hosted, supported and enhanced by

I don't know HTML. Can I use StoreSense?
Absolutely. StoreSense uses templates and wizards to help you quickly and easily build a feature-rich store.

I already have a website. Can I use my existing design with StoreSense?

Yes. The StoreSense templates allow you to customize the design of your store as much as you want. You can give your own look and feel to all views seen by the shopper, including product views, shopping cart, invoices, and shipping notices.